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Kaspersky Anti-Virus
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Real-Time Protection – secures PCs against known and emerging threats
Hybrid Protection – combines the power of the cloud and your PC
Proactive Detection – detects new, unknown malware
Anti-Phishing - enhances protection of your digital identity
Application Control -  prevents dangerous applications from harming your PC  
Two-Way Firewall - blocks hacker attacks  
Award-Winning Parental Control - monitor, limit or block children’s online activities  
Anti-Spam - filters dangerous and unwanted emails  

Anti-Banner - blocks banner adverts

Safe Money – protects your data during online financial transactions  
Digital asset protection
Home Network Control - easy management of security for multiple PCs, from one PC    
Password Manager - secures your online passwords and accounts    
Scheduled, Automatic Backup - protects your valuable digital assets    
Easy-to-Use Encryption - enables safer storage and transfer of sensitive files    
File Shredder - irreversibly wipes deleted files off your system    
Файловый шредер для необратимого удаления файлов    
Free Technical Support - support via phone, e-mail and knowledge base
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